CC’s Photography – Amelia Island

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We are looking to purchase classic film cameras – whether it’s a single camera or an entire collection – we are buyers!

Do you have something of interest sitting in your closet, dresser drawer or old camera bag? We specialize in early 35mm cameras from the 1950s to the 1990s and beyond! Got an old TLR (twin-lens reflex) or vintage rangefinder camera? Larger medium format camera? If it shoots film then we’re interested. Instant cameras, medium format folding cameras – we’re interested!

Let us know what you have and we’ll take a look at it. We’re very fair and can purchase your cameras on the spot. We bring over 45 years of experience in photography and appraisals.

We’re looking for: Canon, Nikon, Yashica, Fujica, Fuji Photo and Fujifilm. Minolta, Mamiya, Topcon, Olympus, Contax and Pentax (Asahi Pentax too). Rolleiflex, Miranda, Petri, Nicca, Tower, Leica and many more! How about Bronica, Kodak or Polaroid?

35mm rangefinders, 35mm SLRs, medium format TLRs, medium format rangefinders and 35mm compact cameras too.

Call Chris at 904-206-1815 or send a list of your gear to

Thanks for stopping by and we look forward to making contact!

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